TUTORIAL de MS GIF ANIMATOR tutorial gif animator en español in english

gif animator

This program allows you to create GIF animations, as you usually see on the web pages you visit.

Here you can download the gif animator soft.

First you must create different images that will make up the animation, drawing it in a program like Paint.


For example the following images:

: bolas paint

This pictures must be saved a GIF images. If not you wouldn't can use them.

For example with Paint you must click “Save as” and to select the GIF classe to save.

guardar en paint

Now we must execute the Gif animador soft.

gif animator

gif animator

Now click the buton “Open” abrir  and chose the last image for the future animation.

gif animator

Then by mean the buton “Insert” insertar we join the rest os images in inverted order

gif animator trabajando

Whit the buttons flechas i can change the order of the images.

Whith the button play we can see how the animation will last, but the play is too fast, more than normal. After that save the animation (recommended to use the buton “Save as” guardar como ) where you wish and with the name you wish.

To make the animation working properly you need to check the boxes tic en ciclo y tic en repetir  that appear when you click on the tab animación

gif animator final

In order to view the animation properly (after the recording) you can go to the folder where the gif file you have created is located, select the name of the animation, click the right mouse button on this name and choose "Preview"

or you can play it through your usual Internet browser.

This image, you can then put it on any web page you want.

In the MS Word the animations doesn't work.

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